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We are the discoverers of Tsavorite and specialists in all African coloured gems. Our family has been in Eastern Africa since the genesis of coloured gemstone mining and was instrumental in the introduction of Tanzanite to the world market. Our company is vertically integrated from the mine to the finished product. This integration is especially important in today’s gem and jewellery market, as the recent implementation of the U.S. Patriot Act requires gem dealers to perform due diligence to ensure the legitimacy of their suppliers. Through decades of mining, we have developed responsible mining practices and built bonafide relationships with other miners and gem dealers, in an effort to maintain the integrity of mining African gemstones. Our extensive inventory originates from our mines or has been bought on-site from other trusted sources. We then perform every process in-house, including grading and cutting in our local facilities. Thus, we are 100% confident in the origin and quality of each stone.

Our inventory includes the following extremely fine gemstones: Tsavorite, Tanzanite, Garnet (all varieties), Tourmaline (all colours), Aquamarine, Sapphire (all colours), Ruby, Spinel (all colours), Opal, etc.

“Tsavorite is everything that a fine gemstone should be, and then some!”

- Henry B. Platt, Former President of Tiffany and Company

“Older than time, greener than an emerald, and discovered by Scottish geologist, Campbell Bridges, Tsavorite is considered as close to perfect as possible in terms of clarity and color among precious gemstones.”

- JQ Magazine

“Tsavorite discoverer Bridges is gap between mine and market.”

- Bangkok Gems and Jewelry/Asian Institute of Gemological Sciences

“Campbell Bridges, the tsar of Tsavorite”

- Ettagale Blauer, Colored Stone Magazine

“He (Campbell Bridges) was the first to introduce a blue zoisite in the US, which was later named and promoted by Tiffany & Co, as Tanzanite.”

- Bangkok Gems & jewellery

“It isn’t often, as the saying goes, that a man finds something new under the sun. The discovery of Tsavorite garnet, by geologist Campbell Bridges, in 1967, was one of those rare moments that come seldom to anyone and, to most of us, not at all.”

- Richard Wise, National Jeweler

“Campbell Bridges a kindred spirit in conservation!”

- Wangari Maathai, 2004, Nobel Peace Prize recipient

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